Birthdays for December 20-24

Birthdays for December 20-24

Featuring Kaitlyn Dever, Jane Fonda, Fabiana Udenio, Joan Severance, Ava Gardner, and more!


Holy synchronicity, Batman! This week's birthday celebration kicks off on December 20 with two actresses whose most noteworthy DiD moment involved their characters being tied up on a bed by a nasty villainess. First there's Nicole de Boer in Ties That Bind, one of those venerable Lifetime movies that isn't afraid to go over the top and stay there. She's joined by Jenny Agutter, represented here by her second guest appearance on the British series Heartbeat.

December 21 is a big day. First we have Jane Fonda, whom you may have heard of: we really need to make that definitive Barbarella clip one of these days, but in the meantime, try Comes a Horseman. Kaitlyn Dever has been everywhere lately and has a solid scene in her first of many appearances on Justified. Before she was "Alotta Fagina," the similarly busy Fabiana Udenio turned up in a guest role on Baywatch and gave us one of its better DiD scenes. And True Blood regular Rutina Wesley is cleave gagged alongside Anna Paquin (and a guy) in a fifth-season episode.

On December 22, we celebrate a pair of Canadian actresses with two scenes each on ScreenTies. Joanne Kelly is featured here in a scene from her regular role on the 2006 series Vanished, and Brooke Nevin's recurring character on CSI has an odd dream in which she's tied AOH and tape gagged. (Also, lasers!)

December 23 brings us Joan Severance, whose first major TV role in a nine-episode run on the late-'80s series Wiseguy includes a brief OTM gag scene. Estella Warren's appearances include a creepy scene in 2013's Stranger Within, in which her character is paralyzed, stripped to her black lingerie, ball-gagged, and assaulted. And Molly Gordon, who joins the quarter-century club today, has a good scene in the middle of her 2½-season run on Animal Kingdom.

On Christmas Eve, let's hear it for rising star Sofia Black-D'Elia, who features alongside Lisa Kay in our digest of scenes from Born of War. And last but certainly not least, we pause to remember the legendary Ava Gardner, known to many DiD fans for her starring role in the 1956 adaptation of Bhowani Junction.

For the moment, we don't have any scenes with IMDb "Top 5000" actresses who were born on Christmas or Boxing Day, so that wraps up this installment of the birthday list. We wish you a merry and safe holiday season and a happy new year.

Birthdays for December 20-24

  • Heartbeat (1992)
    The Best Laid Plans
    Jenny Agutter
  • Ties That Bind (2006)
    Nicole de Boer
  • Comes a Horseman (1978)
    Jane Fonda
  • True Blood (2008)
    Save Yourself
    Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley
  • Justified (2010)
    Blind Spot
    Joelle Carter
  • Vanished (2006)
    Joanne Kelly
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)
    The Greater Good
    Brooke Nevin
  • Wiseguy (1987)
    Fascination for the Flame
    Joan Severance
  • Stranger Within (2013)
    Estella Warren
  • Animal Kingdom (2016)
    Cry Havoc
    Molly Gordon
  • Bhowani Junction (1956)
    Ava Gardner
  • Born of War (2014)
    Lisa Kay, Sofia Black-D'Elia

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