Birthdays for March 28-April 3

Birthdays for March 28-April 3

Featuring Julia Stiles, Annabella Sciorra, Cobie Smulders, Dianne Kay, Donna D'Errico, and more!


It's looking like an especially quiet week for birthdays, but the good news is that this will make room for a few actresses who aren't currently in the IMDb "top 5000" (and might therefore be omitted on a busier week to preserve our sanity) but who gave us some remarkable scenes nonetheless.

But first, happy 40th birthday on March 28 to Julia Stiles. She's best known in DiD circles for her final appearance on Dexter, in a long sequence from the fifth-season finale which (among other challenges) must have had her on her tiptoes for quite a while. Respect!

The 29th belongs to Emmy-nominated actress Annabella Sciorra, whose career is still going strong, but who will forever be best known to DiD fans for a certain hogtie scene in the 1992 thriller Whispers in the Dark. And speaking of the legends, here's to Dianne Kay, with a fresh edit of her classic schoolgirl peril from Starsky and Hutch. (How classic? Think "scene #5 in Brian's database.")

On the 30th, we celebrate Donna D'Errico, who was a good sport in the face of one of the largest ball gags ever to turn up in a mainstream scene. We speak of course of Candyman: Day of the Dead, freshly updated to 1080p.

We say farewell to March on the 31st with Jessica Szohr. Her single DiD scene, from a CSI: Cyber episode called "Gone in 6 Seconds," lasts...about 6 seconds. We liked it anyway.

Annette O'Toole is blowing out the candles on April 1, and her most noteworthy DiD moment has to be the time that, as the title character of The Huntress, she spent a solid half-episode handcuffed and occasionally gagged. Here's a new edit.

Our final birthday on April 3 belongs to Cobie Smulders, who turned up (a decade before her big Marvel debut) as the second of two damsels in an episode of Special Unit 2. See you next week!

Birthdays for March 28-April 3

  • Dexter (2006)
    The Big One
    Julia Stiles
  • Whispers in the Dark (1992)
    Deborah Unger, Annabella Sciorra
  • Starsky and Hutch (1975)
    The Psychic
    Dianne Kay
  • Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)
    Donna D'Errico
  • CSI: Cyber (2015)
    Gone in 6 Seconds
    Jessica Szohr
  • The Huntress (2000)
    Annette O'Toole
  • Special Unit 2 (2001)
    The Wish
    Sarah Mutch, Cobie Smulders

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