Frequently Asked Questions




1. I'm having an issue with my subscription. Can you help?

The links below should allow you to resolve the most common subscription issues immediately with just a few clicks. If this doesn't solve your problem, please visit our contact form or email us at, and we'll get everything straightened out as soon as possible.

Reset my lost password.

All of the following links require you to be logged in:

Cancel my subscription.

Change my subscription term.

Update my billing information.

Change my username, password, or email address. (I know the current ones.)


2. I don't have (or wish to use) a credit card. Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, our site does not yet have the business history to qualify for recurring subscriptions via PayPal. However, if you visit our contact form or email us at, we will be happy to set up a manual subscription for you. We will invoice you directly from our PayPal business account, then activate your subscription ASAP after we receive your payment.

To prevent the mutual hassle of monthly invoicing, at this time we are only accepting yearly subscriptions when you use PayPal. We offer two options: a standard, non-refundable yearly subscription at the $79.95 rate, or a $94.95 subscription which includes a prorated refund if you decide to cancel early. (This is to prevent folks with no good-faith intention of sticking around for the whole year from using the PayPal option as a loophole for a discounted monthly subscription.) Please let us know when you contact us which option you'd prefer.


Site Content


3. What's your update policy?

We're proudly committed to adding at least three clips to the site each and every day. Clips shorter than one minute, and clips that are editing and/or resolution upgrades to scenes that were already on the site, count as half a clip. We also post a weekly recap playlist every Friday, a birthday playlist every Saturday, and two to four themed playlists per month. In some cases, a particular update may be up to a day late, or sometimes even a day early—because we have lives too and stuff happens—but we'll always catch up.


4. You're missing a scene that I'd love to see on the site. Do you take requests?

Absolutely! Use our contact form or email us at Please bear in mind that, at any given moment, we have a huge list of scenes that we're working on posting, so it may be a while before we get to yours. But as long as a request seems likely to generate broad interest, we'll do our best to track it down and prioritize it in the queue.

We're also open to creative ideas for themed playlists to feature on our front page—especially if you can suggest a few scenes to get us started.

Finally, if you're an experienced video editor with mainstream clips you'd like to share with the world, we'd love to hear from you. We're always happy to grant subscription credit for clips that meet our standards.


5. You've got a clip of a scene I enjoy, but the video and/or editing quality aren't up to your usual standards. Can I talk you into making a new clip?

We hear you. Our eventual goal for every scene on the site is to provide the highest resolution and best video quality available, with a site-exclusive edit that highlights the "good parts," but that also respects the intentions of its creators and avoids choppy transitions or other editing artifacts that damage its flow. We're well aware that not every legacy clip from every source lives up to that standard, but given a choice between providing that clip or none at all until we have time to revisit the scene, we've generally chosen the former.

If you run across a scene that's crying out for a resolution or editing upgrade, by all means let us know via our contact form or an email to


Technical Issues


6. The video clips are not playing when I click on them. Can you help?

First, make sure your browser and operating system are compatible with our video streaming provider's minimum requirements. Second, try to disable browser plugins that may be conflicting with the video player, especially ad blockers. If temporarily disabling your ad blocker does solve the problem, and if it supports a whitelist of sites in which it will not attempt to intervene, we encourage you to add our site to that list and reenable the plugin. (In case you're concerned about unwanted content: we currently allow ads only within the Disqus comment interface, and we employ a bare minimum of cookies.) If this doesn't solve the problem, please report a bug as described below.


7. Am I allowed to download the video clips for offline viewing?

No. While we know that downloading is a popular feature, there are several formidable impediments to our supporting it at this time, not the least of which is that it's expressly against our video streaming provider's terms of use. We are continuing to evaluate our options when it comes to supporting downloading on a limited basis in the future.


8. I think I've found a bug on the site. How do I report it?

Please use our contact form or email us at Be sure to let us know which site URLs are affected, and include details about your platform, including your desktop or mobile hardware, operating system software, and web browser.